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Are you looking for a free service to locate the location of a cell phone? Has it failed to produce the desired results? Afterwards, you’ve entered the correct arena. The information provided here will teach you how to monitor a cell phone location for free using five simple methods. So that you can keep an eye on your children, friends, or boyfriends’ phones in an unprecedentedly simple manner….

Track a Cell Phone Location for Free Using Its Phone Number

We’ve compiled a list of free ways to track your phone’s position. Right, pick the one that meets your needs.

Facebook’s search function

Is Facebook a part of your daily routine? If this is the case, why not utilize it as a phone tracker? It’s a simple and convenient approach to find the whereabouts of the person you’re looking for. To find someone on Facebook, all you have to do is enter their phone number into the Facebook search bar after logging in.

The Whitepages search

If you’re looking for a way to track your phone’s location, this is a good place to start. You only need to enter the person’s name, address, or phone number, and the relevant results will appear. Using this website tracker, you can keep an eye on the phone’s whereabouts.

Using this method, you can track your iPhone’s location for free. My iPhone Is Lost

If you’ve previously activated Find My iPhone, it’s a terrific way to keep tabs on your phone’s position. To track your iPhone’s location for free, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: can be accessed from any online browser.

Step 2: Next, log in your Apple ID and password.

Step 3: From the main menu, select “Find iPhone” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: The next step is to sign in with your Apple ID and password.

In the next step, select “All Devices” from the top menu to track the location of the phone.

Using Android Device Manager, you may locate your Android phone for free.

In addition, you can utilize Android Device Manager to locate your missing phone. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use ADM to track a cell phone’s position.

Step 1: Go to Settings>Security>Tick the Android Device Manager option.

Step 2: Go to in a web browser and sign in using your Google account.

Google Maps will display the location on the linked phone’s screen after some time, making it easy to track a cell phone’s location for free.

How to Freely Track the Location of a Samsung Phone Using Samsung’s Find My Mobile

Use Find My Mobile to see where the phone is at all times. The only thing you need to do is follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Find My Mobile website in your browser.

Step 2: Once you’ve entered your Samsung credentials, click the “I’m not a robot” checkbox and you’re good to go.

Step 3: A list of Samsung devices will appear on the page.

Step 4. Tap on “Locate my Device” in 

As soon as a few minutes have passed, you’ll be able to locate the phone using Find My Mobile.

Way 5: Free Mobile Location Tracker to Find Out Where Your Phone Is Located

The location of a phone can be easily tracked with a Mobile Number tracker in a matter of seconds. 3 mobile location trackers are listed below for your convenience.

1. Spyera (Recommended)

To keep track of the location, GPS, and other important data aspects of the device you wish to monitor with Spyera, you can download it for free. It helps me locate my phone quickly and easily. Then there’s this: Keep an eye on your employees’ whereabouts using this application.


  • The Android phone’s location can be shown.
  • The location of your web account was linked to a map that displayed a trail of travel between various time intervals in your web account.
  • To use in other applications, such as Google Maps, export the paths.

2. Shows a real-time location tracker for mobile devices

Using Live Mobile Location Tracker, you can keep tabs on your current location, as well as the location of the person you’re speaking to on the phone.

The following are some of the most important aspects:

3. Free mobile tracker

Free of charge, this cell phone tracking program keeps tabs on the user’s whereabouts. With Mobile Tracker, you can not only find out where a phone is, but you can also have access to all of its data files, including text messages, call records, and social media handles. Allows remote photo capturing of the device being tracked. – Mobile Tracker

The following are some of the most important aspects:

Allows for the tracking of individuals in real time.

Tracking incoming and outgoing phone calls can be done remotely.

Take a look at the photographs stored on the device being monitored.

Click here to get it:


Now that we’ve reached the end of the subject, we’re confident that you can track a phone’s location without too much hassle. Additionally, if any of your friends or family members need to track the whereabouts of their spouse’s or children’s cellphones in an emergency, you may assist them by forwarding this post and explaining how to do so. We hope you enjoy this piece, and if you’d want to offer your own thoughts, we’d appreciate it. Thanks!

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