Easy to say “I’d rather not know” if your worst nightmare hasn’t happened yet, but most people would rather face the truth head on than let lies drown them. Android device users whose doubts have become overwhelming can now breathe a little more easily with Android spy applications that allows target device contents be monitored without detection. It’s like using the same device as your nightly-partying spouse, or your rebellious kid or your disloyal employee!

There are probably thousands of spy software out there today, but we’ve provided five spy app reviews for Android to help you make a choice.

  1. Copy9 – Copy9 is all-in-one monitoring solution for Parents and Employers for smartphones that allows Parents or Employers to monitor text messages, calls, current GPS location, Viber, WhatsApp and much more. Everything that is being typed, sent as a message, received or deleted will be presented to you in your user control panel.
  2. Spy Phone Tap – Unlike other applications that work for all platforms, Spy Phone Tap comes in different versions depending on the user’s device. It comes with SMS interceptor which sends a copy of all text messages received and sent from the target user. If the target changes SIM, the application automatically notifies the user.
  3. Flexispy – There are two versions of this awesome application – FlexiSpy Lite and FlexiSpy OMNI – both compatible with all platforms. Listen to live calls, get copies of emails and SMS, track the target’s whereabouts even if they do not have a mobile internet connection! It’s as pricey as it is incredible but for a meticulous customer, this one is a great pick.
  4. Stealth Genie – The best thing about Stealth Genie is its price. Compared to other brands that offer the same level of tracking, it is relatively less expensive which makes it a popular choice. However, it is not known for its robust capabilities. It can monitor inbound and outbound text messages, record inbound and outbound phone calls, spy on websites frequented by the target and provides real time GPS tracking reports.
  5. Mobistealth – This application comes in three versions – Pro-x, Pro and Lite. If your preferences are minimal, you can go for Lite as it comes with only text and basic monitoring features. The advanced Pro-x allows call recording otherwise known as “SpyCal”. The tapping of calls is instant even if the app is not being used so the recording is stored for future playbacks. Downside: No email tracking.

This spy application review for Android includes software that also works on platforms such as iOS, Blackberry, iPad, Windows Mobile, Nokia, and more for your convenience. There are hundreds of other applications you may choose from at varying prices. There’s no harm in trying freeware but be warned that some do not run on stealth as the paid ones – naturally!

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