Make your Smartphone a Complete Spy Gadget

Gone are those days when kids were eager to their first spy kit. It is the age of advanced technology and when everything is available to you in your smartphones, then why spends money on expensive gadgets. In fact with your smartphones you can do a lot more than what you got from the spy gadgets. Instead of using these gadgets to keep an eye on your kids or husband you can now easily use your Smartphone to track what he or she is up to. You can now easily install applications in your Smartphone and enjoy being a detective. Here are a few applications and its features that would help you understand better how you can make your Smartphone a spy gadget.

Track Messages and Social Networking Apps

The recent craze of using Whatsapp has made people a complete freak. Every time you see your kids fidgeting with their mobiles and when you ask them, they are on Whatsapp. Whatsapp is free application software in your Smartphones that allows you to easily stay in touch with your friends, colleagues and relatives. It offers you features like chatting, sending images, videos or audios and also is an amazing application to chat on groups. However, sometimes you need to spy on your kids or boyfriends and check out their activities on Whatsapp. For this reason companies have come up with applications like Spy Whatsapp Messages Free. The best thing about this application is that the person you are spying upon will have no clue of it and also that this application is free of cost.

Ambience Voice Recording Apps

Sometimes you worry just too much as a parent and want to know where and with whom your kids are hanging out. Well to record surroundings iPhone has got application software known as Ambient Voice Recording or Audio Live. With this application, the iPhone users can easily track down where their kids are at the moment and with which kind of group they are hanging with. You can listen to the nearby sounds or friends chit chatting near him and can also record the conversation. The software works incredibly for those who want to keep an eye on their kids or boyfriends.

Key Logger Application

For the application Key logger iPhone users have reviewed it as one of the best spy application available. This is because it allows you to keep a track on whatever is going on with the phone you are tracking. You can see the keypad and also keep a check on what messages are being sent, which apps are being used, etc.

These spy applications give you an opportunity to become your own detective and keep an eye on your loved ones or colleagues.

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