Don’t Let You Partner Cheat Upon You – Install Tracking Text Messages App

The foundation of a strong relationship lies on trust. In most of the relationship that are on the verge of breaking down, this base is lacking. Sometimes what one partner suspects about his or her significant other comes out as baseless, whereas sometimes there is something fishy. So, if your gut feeling is saying that something is going on behind your back, then don’t stress your mind. Just a little application can put light on the dark your spouse is keeping you in so far. Tracking Text Messages being one of the most wanted features of this application can end your confusion, just like that. With this feature you can easily track all sent and received messages on your spouse’s phone.

What if you are caught?

Well, this application is 100 percent undetectable. All you have to do is hide the Cydia icon. Once you are done with it, your husband or wife would not be able to understand that you are spying on him or her. However, you have to overcome an obstacle. You have to jailbreak your better half’s phone because you cannot install any third-party software on an iPhone without breaking the codes. Jailbreaking is not a crime, but then it will lead to nullification of the phone’s warranty, provided the device is not older than one year. However, you can fix this issue by getting the phone setting restored at the iTunes store.

What about the calls?

Using the Call History Spy App, you can get detailed information about each and every incoming as well as outgoing call. Moreover, you can also see the phone numbers of the caller, date, time and even the deleted calls. Besides these, missed calls can also be tracked easily. So, there is no place to hide. All these things are especially important, when you are planning to file a divorce. The court will ask for proofs.

Overall tracking

With the launch of various social media platform, there are a number of people who are completely into it. As a result of which the usage of call and message functions have been minimized. What if your spouse is a social media freak? Don’t worry – then also you can spy on him or her. Yes, with the help of Social Network Spy App and its unique key logger feature you can easily get to know the social media account details of your significant other. The best part you can log in to his or her account. So, your problem is solved.

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