Key Logging, Social Media Spying and Recording at Ease for Smartphone’s

Android and iPhone’s are the most successful operating systems and moreover they have millions of applications available to download from the app store. There are many applications these days that are not seen on the phone but they are installed in the system and run in the back end. These applications just needs a jailbreak iPhone and are not detectable by anyone except the user that downloaded the application, Cydia has to be hidden.

Tracking key logs and uses

Key logger iPhone is a best example of a key logging tracker. This application tracks all the key strokes used on the phone. They work through an API based keyword logging that helps to log keyword strokes and give you the accurate data. These applications can be used by anyone for instance; parents give their young children a phone and they want to track what he/she does on the phone, keeping a track of people they contact on a daily basis, what they talk about, etc. This is a very useful technology if used in a proper manner.

Social media tracking and uses

Websites or messengers like Facebook, yahoo, Gtalk, Whatsapp, Viber, etc. This app keeps track of all the messages incoming and outgoing. This helps many people including business man, children, parents, lovers, etc.The best example of such an application is Social network spy app. For Viber messages it might take 10-15 minutes as it has to be rooted to your Smartphone.

Your phones surrounding voice can be traced and heard

Yes you heard it right, if you areiPhone users, there are some applications that allow you to have this feature on your phone like record surrounding’s iPhone. This application can record people’s surrounding voice. For example: your son is gone for an outing with some friends, sitting at home you can hear what he or his friends are talking about with the help of this application you can even download and save the voice clip for future reference. Moreover you get a chance to save a clip of 20 minutes straight and after that you have to start a new file. In this way you can actually keep a track of lot of people including employees who work closely with you in legal matters, etc.

There are lots of innovations that have changed the way of using a Smartphone, but at times it can go against you as well.

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