Smartphone and Their Surroundings Getting Tracked Using Applications

In today’s world everyone uses smartphone’s for their different uses. There are thousands of mobile application developers who are constantly working on making an innovative application that will help people in some or the other way. Some developers created Whatsapp and some are striving hard to make applications that are integrated with Whatsapp to help them give a different user interface, stickers, etc.

Instant messenger tracking for Smartphone users

There are many instant messengers available these days the most used applications are Whatsapp, wechat, Viber, Lines, etc. These messengers are much secured but even they can be tracked by these third party applications. Whatsapp does not store any messages on its server, so these kinds of tracking apps can be of best use. Moreover as these apps are widely used people can keep a track of messages they get each day with time, date and contact information. Cyber crime can also be traced as there are many scams and crime happening everyday through such medium. There are many paid and free applications available on the app store like Spy Whatsapp messages free and many others.

Surrounding voice recording applications and its quality

People talk with colleagues, friends and other people freely when they alone, but do they even realize that their Smartphone has a ear and tongue. You heard it right, there are some applications that can be installed in your phone and kept undetectable. Wherever you go with internet connectivity, your voice can be heard and saved as mp3 by the installer. For example: Your wife wants to do a loyalty test on you and she installed this application on your phone, she can actually save 20 minutes, mp3 file each and hear what you are saying live and if you are cheating on her, God save you. I have seen an application on the Apple store called record surroundings iPhone.

Have you seen your keypad strokes getting tracked?

People have seen their call getting monitored, messages getting tracked, etc but even their keypad is getting tracked. Whatever you click or type gets stored on the server and the server sends a response that the user typed a message or downloaded an application or music, etc. There are apps available on the Apple store like Key logger iPhone, an app for iPhone users that saves all the key strokes on the server for the people tracking the end user.

These kinds of apps have actually helped people from lot of things like emergencies, scams, crime, etc.

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