Realize- You Might Be Getting Tracked

After the advent of some amazing operating systems by apple and Google, people have started making some cool applications. There are hundreds of applications that usually help people to track different aspects of a third person’s phone. This technology started with Bluetooth phones with applications like Bluetooth hacker, etc. Now a day’s developers use some different tools to make this happen without the use of Bluetooth but instead they use the phones system to get access through API’s , Form grabbing, packet analyzers, memory injection, etc.

Your text messages can be tracked too

Application developers are genius they can also track the memory of your phone on which your text’s messages are saved, in this way tracking text messages has become easy for people. There are different set of people that use this feature like lovers doing a loyalty test, children getting tracked by parents, husbands getting tracked by wife’s, etc. In these applications you get a chance to view all the text chats including time, date and sender’s or receiver’s number. In case of iPhone iMessage’s can be tracked too. This is an undetectable application the phone users cannot come to know that he being tracked constantly.

Call history is getting stored somewhere

I have seen lot of people including some of my friends and colleagues deleting their call history after talking to their ex girlfriends or a married man cheating on his wife or vice versa. These calls when they hit your phone send responses to the application server and are stored until the person keeping a track does not delete it.In this way the loyalty test can be carried on in a better way as some people prefer to talk rather than text. On the other hand it is very useful for business man’s to track the calls they receive and have a saved file for future reference and contact details. There many applications that help you use these features one of them is call history spy app.

Social network is said to be the best way of staying connected

There are people who are always available 24×7 on social networking sites but even these websites can be tracked by applications in many ways. This application is mostly used by parents keeping a track of children checking what they do on social media network using applications like social network spy app.

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